Additional Projects and Resources

two women discussing their lesson plans
American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education Annual Meeting

The seventh annual TeachingWorks Preparing Teachers for Practice Strand at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education annual meeting was held on March 2, 2018, in Baltimore, Maryland. Each year, this themed strand is designed by TeachingWorks in partnership with AACTE and comprises a panel discussion as well as a number of smaller targeted breakout sessions featuring education researchers and practitioners from across the country. This year’s strand theme was “Outrage to Action: Disrupting Inequity Through Teacher Education.” Each speaker illustrated how they work with beginning teachers to ensure they are prepared with ways of relating and acting in their practice so that all of the young people in their classes thrive and grow as human beings. Moderated by TeachingWorks Director Deborah Lowenberg Ball, the panel discussion featured Lisa Delpit, David Kirkland, sj Miller, and Theresa Montaño. Valerie Kinloch and J. Sharif Matthews each presented in concurrent sessions. The strand drew more than 400 attendees and more than 18,000 engagements on Twitter.

TeachingWorks Resource Library

The TeachingWorks Resource Library is a website that teacher educators can use to find high-quality, practice-based teacher education curriculum resources. The site is free and open to all teacher educators, across grade levels, content areas, and levels of experience with practice-based teacher education. Resources are organized by content area, high-leverage practice, and teacher education pedagogy. Each resource includes introductory materials that highlight key features, including how it might help teacher educators to advance justice in their novice teachers’ classrooms. You can explore a pilot version of the TeachingWorks Resource Library at

The National Observational Teaching Examination

In partnership with the Educational Testing Service (ETS), TeachingWorks has developed a new breed of licensure assessment for teaching—the National Observational Teaching Examination (NOTE). The NOTE assessment series is designed to measure potential teachers’ knowledge and skills, as well as their ability to apply them to effective teaching. The NOTE is divided into two components: simulation-based performance assessments and Content Knowledge for Teaching assessment. This year, three states have voted to adopt the NOTE Content Knowledge for Teaching tests as part of the suite of assessments for licensure in that state: Delaware, Maryland, and South Dakota. In South Dakota, teacher candidates will have a choice between the NOTE and other licensure examinations. In Delaware and Maryland, the NOTE will be the only option.

Video Exemplars

After collecting more than 200 hours of footage, we launched our microsite of video examples of the high-leverage practices through the University of Michigan School of Education Teaching & Learning Exploratory. Along with curated footage of previous Elementary Mathematics Laboratory classes, the site features video examples of 11 of the 19 high-leverage practices. You can subscribe and view the video collections at

Working Papers Repository

The TeachingWorks online Working Papers Repository features unpublished and freely available academic papers that reflect clear systematic examination of issues critical to the field of teacher education. These working papers are circulated to promote broad and nuanced discussion on education and practice. We invite papers from a wide range of authors, including researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, as well as those involved in the design and provision of teacher training programs and materials.