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Our mission is to create a system for teacher preparation and support that will make skillful beginning teaching that disrupts inequity commonplace. We know that establishing such a system with a professional standard for entry-level practice can only happen if we work collectively. Thus, we have partnered strategically with researchers, scholars, practitioners, policy makers, school districts, alternative and traditional teacher preparation programs, and teacher preparation centers from across the country. Through these various partnerships, we have supported efforts to identify and learn practices of teaching that are particularly “high-leverage” for beginning and early career teachers. We have offered professional development, trainings, seminars, and consultations to support teacher educators in learning practice-based methods to prepare beginning teachers—methods that allow beginning teachers to engage in practice before they enter the classroom.

State Program Networks
State Program Networks
TeachingWorks launched two networks of university-based teacher preparation programs in Maryland and Michigan to develop powerful ways of training beginning teachers to enter classrooms safe to practice.
Residency Partners
University and Residency Partners
TeachingWorks collaborates with more than 70 university-based and residency teacher education programs from across the country to apply the high-leverage practices and practice-based teacher education pedagogies to improve the preparation of beginning teachers.
  • California State University
  • National Center for Teacher Residencies
  • TeacherSquared
  • University-School Partnerships for the Renewal of Educator Preparation
K-12 District Partners
K-12 District Partners
TeachingWorks partners with school districts in Michigan and Maryland to provide training, professional development, and support to practicing teachers, district leaders, and administrators.
  • Kent Intermediate School District
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Godfrey-Lee Public Schools
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Ypsilanti Community Schools