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Teaching has the power to be a force for justice and disrupting legacies of oppression.
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Great teachers aren't born; they're taught

Our goal is to create a system for teacher preparation and support that will result in skillful beginning teaching that disrupts inequity. We know that establishing such a system with professional standards for entry-level practice can only happen if we work collectively.
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From Our Director

The past few years at TeachingWorks have been productive and rewarding. We launched two teacher education program networks to strengthen professional training for teaching in Michigan and Maryland. We formed new partnerships while continuing to foster existing relationships with organizations, and partners with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Preparation Transformation Centers project.

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Preparing the next generation of educators to use skillful teaching as a lever for justice will benefit children and communities everywhere.
Two children working on a project at a desk

Partnerships &

“The TeachingWorks Journal Club is both flexible and fertile—a place where everyone at the U-M School of Education can join together to learn about the expanding roles of educators.”
—Simona Goldin, Director of Instructional Design and Special Programs, TeachingWorks